What is required to participate in the Ski Colorado programs?
  1. All programs must be paid in full before the first day of the program. No exceptions will be made without prior arrangements. Please contact the administration Ski Colorado.
  2. The helmet and back protector is mandatory. Must be the appropriate helmet for ski cross. It is a GS helmet.
  3. Membership in the USSX. Ski Colorado is the member of USSX and used them education and certification programs. All student the Ski Colorado must be USSX member. The cost of Annual USSX membership is $ 25
  4. Unlimited season pass.
Which program is right for my child? Yellow or Blue?
There is a description of each team program with skill requirements. ussx.org/tools/ski-cross-manual  If you need further guidance, please contact us. contact@ski-colorado.club
Where and when does my child meet their coach?
The  meeting times are posted on the MEETING page. There are always Ski Colorado Staff  and club members outside to help your child find his or her group if he or she is having difficulty. All athletes should come dressed and ready to meet outside at meeting time noted. Those who arrive late will miss their groups; groups do not wait for late arrivals.
Is access to the mountain included in the cost of the program?
No, participants must purchase a ski pass.
What is the difference between Yellow  Program and the Blue Program?
The Yellow level is intended for elementary education. In programs of yellow level the athletes of any age who don’t have experience in ski cross train. The general focus is correct main body position, Technik of turn and overcoming of obstacles of the minimum complexity. In this program. The Blue level is intended for the athletes who passed yellow level ready physically and mentally for further growth in ski cross. In programs of the blue level,  the athletes of any age are having experience in ski cross. The main focus in a blue level  becomes on the correct overcoming of obstacles and increase in speed.

When my child will go to the blue level program?
Students can be transferred to the Blue Program upon the results of testing.