Description of ski cross:


Ski cross is a very spectacular Winter Olympic sport. It was first in the Olympics at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC. But even earlier it gained popularity as spectator-thrilling ski sport at the X Games.
Ski cross courses combine natural terrain and a variation of the artificial features including jumps, rollers, banked turns, and many more. The most exciting part of ski cross is that there are four to six riders on the course at the same time battling in a so-called ‘heat’ against each other.
Rules of the competition: first comes a time trial or qualification round where racers ski down individually trying to pass the course as fast as possible to get the best position in the final heats. Eight, sixteen, thirty-two or sixty-four participants can reach the finals. All those who did not get into that number are placed according to qualification results and drop out of the competition.
In the final heats, four athletes start simultaneously and attempt to reach the end of the course. The leader of the heat, following the results of qualification, is wearing a red vest, then comes green, dark blue and yellow. Athletes with the best results in qualification choose the place at the start first. In each heat, the first two to cross the finish line will advance to the next round. At the end, the big final and small final rounds determine 1st to 4th and 5th to 8th places, respectively. Any type of intentional contact with other competitors prohibited by the rules and leads to disqualification.
Due to the impartiality of the competition format, where there is time and there is a clear victory at the finish, ski cross has become perhaps the fairest and the most spectacular sport at the Winter Olympics.
Ski cross is very exacting to the skiing technique both in turns and in overcoming the huge variety of obstacles. Speed and flights of four athletes on the course make the show unforgettable!