After the Russian national financial crisis in 1998, almost all state ski clubs of Russia were closed. Our dream about the Olympic podium was on the brink of collapse. We had no other choice but to found the country’s first private sports club. Freedom from the restrictions of the old state programs quickly yielded favorable results. We have introduced a lot of innovations to the coaches and athletes’ development. Different ideas of the ideal training program were gathered from around the world and were put together like puzzles. In 2003 it was decided to launch a dedicated skicross program with a step-by-step approach that targeted safe skill-building. In 2004, we held the first ski and boardercross competitions at the national level.
The new direction was so successful that we decided to solely focused on ski cross going forward. Using our proprietary approach to training we soon caught up and surpassed the level of all the Russian clubs, won the National Cups and the National Championship for both men and women. During the preparation for the Olympic Games, our athletes raced in two qualifying rounds of North America Cup 2013 and won them. Now, living in the United States, we are putting all our efforts to create a new professional sports organization dedicated to ski cross.